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I’ve been in love with web design since the days creating free Geocities and Tripod sites. My Myspace was rad. I started designing elaborate pages for myself around 2001 and have been creating for various digital media ever since. 

I’ve always been passionate about all things art. Graphic design is my number one, but I love fashion, photography and fine art, and film. The most important thing that unites everything that I love is story: a single logo that conveys three ideas in one simple design, a song that evokes one of life’s great tragedies, a film that connects to the core of human emotion, a game that immerses you into a world of wonder, or a website that leads you on a journey. The experience of something is what matters the most.

Beyond that, I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, change my hair constantly, and enjoy video games, comic book movies, Star Wars, science, and technology. I also love all things that are dark, Rock & Roll, and surreal.


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