Leslie Herring

First Person Website

UX, Art Direction, Design, Development

First Person is a creative agency with a broad range of disciplines including Graphic Design, Video and Motion Graphics, Digital Campaigns, Content Development, Branding, Strategy, Experience Design, and Development.


The Goal

First Person was a brand new company in need of a wowing website to promote the companies skills and expertise. With new name, new logo, and new approach to creative work, we needed to explain how we worked, and display the design chops to back up our claim.

The Result

We were afforded the opportunity to try a colorful, creative, animation heavy approach to conveying the brand principles and design capabilities of the company. This site was a parallax scrolling experience that included interactive video sections, as well as more practical galleries to display design work and employees. Our work earned and Awwwards honorable mention, and was key to impressing and securing clients.


User Experience & Design

Launched in phases, we delved to tell the story of First Person. I was in charge of planning and designing several of the scrolling experiences on the site including the Home, Approach, Interactive Capabilities, and History pages. I contributed to copywriting and also designed a set of icons that we use to convey our capabilities and expertise.

I worked with a creative director to establish the initial design and messaging of the site, but then took over as lead designer as more pages were added, including creating re-usable, customizable template pages for our case studies and work. I also helped oversee development, ensuring design integrity while also participating in the front-end coding.