Leslie Herring

Schindler Ahead

UX, Co-Art Direction, Design, Development

Schindler is one of the largest mobility companies in the world. They are uniquely positioned to digitally transform the industry.


The Goal

To launch their digital platform, Schindler Ahead, Schindler needed a website and matching brochure to explain the benefits of digitizing the mobility industry, and promote their current and future products.

The Result

The site we designed explains the benefits of digitizing and connecting elevators, escalators, and devices paired with them for Schindler’s three key customer personas: Building Managers, Facility managers, and Passengers.



Video clickthrough of the WebGL experience


User Experience

Initially approached to simply transform the brochure design into a website, we proposed to enhance the experience using WebGL. I wanted to promote Schindler as a technology company, by using advanced web technology to show Schindler’s products in use. By exploring a commercial and residential high-rise, a transportation concourse, and a shopping center, we explain how Schindler products enhance everyday experiences as well as improve reliability and safety for customers and passengers. 

In tandem with a worldwide launch online, the website was also to be used as a sales tool at a convention. We needed to make sure the site functioned on iPads that

the sales team could use to engage with customers in person. Our team devised a server system that could display the sites over self-deployed wi-fi, should internet connectivity be lacking during the conference.

I was in charge of defining the architecture of site, as well as the wireframes. I helped art direct a video prototype to sell the concept and functionality of the site to the client, and lead the development team through many iterations of the project to keep the integrity of the experience as the client continuously adapted their messaging needs.

Original Site Map

Original Site Map

Design & Development

WebGL City Landing Wireframe

WebGL City Landing Wireframe

WebGL Information Card

WebGL Information Card

Along with the key messaging and benefits for the main landing page, we designed a 3D city where users can visit three types of properties in which Schindler technology could be found. WebGL allows a viewer to explore the city, while enhancing the experience with animations and sense of tangible reality that static images sometimes lack. The goals of the website was not only to educate key customers, but to facilitate contacting the sales team, and promote downloading informational product brochures. 

I was in charge of making sure the website and the brochure had a unified style, working with an art director on the brochure to co-create assets, as well as art directing animators and designers to deliver assets for the website. I also helped ensure development matched designs, contributing to CSS development, and directing the development until delivery of the responsive site.