Leslie Herring

Puzzle Makeup Logo

This logo was based around the concept of tangram puzzles, specifically the geometric woodblocks that children use to create any object they can imagine. With all the pieces coming together, they form an abbreviated, consonant only, version of the brand name. In outline, or in solid fill, the pieces are still recognizable.


First Person Strategy Icons

Conceptual, minimal icons to express the areas of expertise that design agency, First Person provides to their clients. These icons were used on the website and in pitch decks to explain the design process and skillset First Person delivers. These icons were chosen after dozens of rounds of design from three designers.


Stanford Shopping Center Kiosk Icons

Created for our custom wayfinding kiosk at Stanford Shopping Center, these icons represent store category types as well as other shopping amenities. They were created to be simple enough to easily identify at scale and without written text for non-english speakers. I worked with another designer to help establish uniform style for all the icons based around shapes cutout with uniform lines.


Digital Industrial Icons

Created for GE, these icons represent both conceptual and literal ideas for digital industrial software, functions, and industries. From "Connected Cloud," and "Digital Twin," to "Oil & Gas," and "Smelting."

I established the look and feel of the icons, including designing some of the more abstract concepts. Overall, over 110 icons were created by three designers.


Apptourage Brand Identity and Site Icons

We established the brand look and feel, iconography and typography for this user experience testing platform. I designed all the iconography for the website and contributed Art Direction and typography to the brand logo working with one other designer to refine the mark.